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Mission Statement

The mission of The Nonprofit Network is to increase the service capacity of the nonprofit sector by offering innovative, quality, and affordable resources.

About Us is the premier website for nonprofit job postings and networking. Our goal is to create extremely low cost or free networking opportunities for the nonprofit sector. We understand securing funding for non profits is difficult and that the good work of nonprofit's often depends on doing more with less. This website is designed to be simple and to help nonprofit's help others, better!

Using Our Site

All of our sections are free to search. We want users to take time to post research, a resume, free items, and list their nonprofit. We want nonprofit's to use this site as a tool to improve services and connect with other nonprofits!

Who Can Use Our Site?

Any person or organization can use our site to conduct free searches of any section.  If you are a nonprofit organization, union, government entity (School District, Water District, Local City Agency etc), church or any other group that is not private, you may register with our site and post your job on our site completely free.   Each job posting will remain active for 90 days.  After the 90 days, you can re-post.

Posting Your Nonprofit Jobs

The Nonprofit Network is your source for free job postings, job searches and resume posting. The Nonprofit Network’s job postings are always free and we want to be the all jobs in the nonprofit sector posted on our site.  The Nonprofit Network wants to help you put your valuable dollars towards services, not job postings.

Once you post your job, The Nonprofit Network automatically sends you an email with your job link.  Using this link, you can immediately inform your network of the job you posted.  You can also promote your posting by using Facebook to “Share” your job.  The Nonprofit Network’s site was built with social media tools integrated into each page to help you spread the word quickly about your job opening. Additionally, The Nonprofit Network shares many job postings on its own Facebook page and Twitter account.  We encourage you to do the same!

If you are pleased with The Nonprofit Network, let others know about our free services and encourage them to post their nonprofit jobs with us.  We believe that as a nonprofit organization, you should never have to pay for a job posting.


This site developed after listening to individuals from the nonprofit express concerns about the high cost of job postings, not being able to find consultants that focus on the nonprofit world, not finding relevant and free research, and not knowing what other non profits do. The development of this site took over two years and included talking with hundreds of nonprofit professionals. We hope you enjoy our site and we hope our site helps you help others.

What else do we offer?

Nonprofit Articles:
If you write articles that you believe are of interest to the nonprofit world, you can send the article to, along with any picture associated with article.  The article component of our site is intended to offer the nonprofit world the opportunity to share opinions.

Nonprofit Documentaries?
You will notice that The Nonprofit Network has the ability to post documentaries from the nonprofit world.  If you have a short documentary that is available on Youtube and/or Vimeo, send us the link.  We want to help you promote your documentary.

The Nonprofit Network Team!!!!!!

Help Having difficulties Posting a job? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section.

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